Wells Fargo Agreement

If this agreement is in conflict or is incompatible with us with another agreement, the other agreement is in control and has priority, unless it is expressly specified otherwise. The other agreement controls only the online financial account or service to which it is linked and only to the extent necessary to resolve the conflict or inconsistency. There are two exceptions to the general rule described above: if another agreement you have with us contains conditions regarding the online access process, that agreement will control and prevail all inconsistencies between that agreement and the terms of the other agreement dealing with the online access process. In addition, the original version of this agreement is in English. Any discrepancies or conflicts between the English version and any other language version are resolved by referring to and interpreting the English version. You are currently visiting a wellsfargo.com website page or a related website or mobile app (« website ») owned by Wells Fargo and Company or one of its direct or indirect subsidiaries (« Wells Fargo »). These Terms of Use (« Terms of Use ») govern your access and use of the Site, including all content, features and services offered on or via the Site (« Services »). « You » and « you » refer to anyone who accesses or uses the website or services. The site is aimed at people aged 13 and over. If you are under the age of 13, do not access this site. Any negative credit on your financing account will be subject to your account contracts with us.

If a financing account is a legitimate commercial credit card or line of credit, we do not have to make a payment unless that account has enough balance to pay the bill on the payment date. financing costs (for example. Interest and transaction fees) may be incurred for invoice payments financed by a credit account; These fees are displayed during the payment process. You`ll find more information in your credit account contract and written disclosure statements. The website does not contain a Wells Fargo website with its own separate agreement on online access. For more information, check out the agreements for your online financial accounts and services. In addition to this agreement, you may have a separate agreement with us for each of your online financial accounts and services. These agreements continue to apply to each of these accounts or services. Right to stop payment: If you have pre-ordered us to make regular (recurrent) payments from your account, you can stop all payments. Here`s what it is: call Wells Fargo Phone Bank at 1-800-869-3557, or email us at Wells Fargo, Customer Correspondence, P.O. Box 6995, Portland, OR, 97228-6995, in time for us to receive your request three or more business days before payment is scheduled. If you call, we can also request that you put your request in writing and send it to us within 14 days of your call.

Payment fees may be incurred. You`ll find more information in the account agreement that regulates your account (s) (s). Unless otherwise stated by the Site or our other agreements with you, transfers of electronic funds made through the Service before the deadline for the release of one business day will be reserved on the same day on your eligible account.